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EVERYTHING IS! Soft Manifestos for Our Time by Jim Haynes


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There is no such thing as a “good” book, a “great” film, an “obscene” photo, or a “dirty” weekend. There is simply a book, a film, a photo, and a weekend. Dogma and dogmatism is the enemy. By attempting to maintain a childlike sense of wonder, I find that I learn from most experiences, that I am rarely bored. Everything Is.

Jim Haynes opened the first paperback bookshop in Edinburgh and the UK, produced the original 1962 Writers' Conference - inspiration for today's Edinburgh Book Festival, and founder of the Traverse Theatre --- through to his move to London and the founding of International Times and Suck Magazines & London Arts Lab; then on to Paris for 30 years of his infamous Sunday dinners. This book is a how's-who for artists, creatives and free-thinking catalysts of all kinds. Autographed by author on a decorative book plate.

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